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So Haven't Posted in a While....

A really long while but then I have totally been super busy or tired and thats my story.

Today anyway I managed to get more than enough sleep to be ready for work tonight...not that it'll be too busy cause summer session is started up again.

I have sooooo much that I want to accomplish but I know that I have to properly time out and plan how I want to get these things done or I won't have enough time to get anything done. I love watching anime sometimes cause thats what got me fired up this time. I even made a kitty rice ball thanks to anime....awww so cute little kitty!

Well tonight I hope to work on Japanese and on my art. Here's hoping!

Work Never Ending....

....My Work is Never Done...Tearing Down Building Up It Goes On and On....

That seriously what my two days off feel like. I have a list of things that I have put off due to work and now that I have days off I want to do so much that I don't think I'll actually have the time to get everything done. Chris works both of my days off so I have the time to get things done. However I have to get up early tomorrow (Sunday)and I hope that I can get stuff done....We'll see though.

Work has been really really sucky lately. It seriously feels like everyone but one co worker feels like I am the servant girl and will do all of their work for them. I understand that they have more customers and vendors to deal with than me. I also understand that it is part of my job to do the daily cleaning that cannot be done when the store is full of customers. However I have also worked the other shifts and when I work them I can get all of their chores done and even do some of the late night chores to help out the late night person. So I know its possible to get everything done. Heck, there have been plently of times that I was busier than them with customers and still managed to finish everything with plently of time to spend time to do the things that I want to do. *sigh* I just don't know what to do about all of it. I have been concentrating on just my work and then AFTER all of my chores are done then I am doing their chores. It kinda sucks though that they want personal time and they want to leave work on time but they don't want to put the work in and they inconveience everyone else by doing so. I try to leave things just as I would want them left for me. Otherwise why would I put up with the crap? I would just do the bare minimum and be done for the day...thats what most late night people do at the other stores.

Sorry about the long rant...just needed to get that off my chest. It burns me so sometimes. I am working towards a new job though and I hope everything works out well, though it will mean a lot more studying and visiting Japanese friends in order to practice communication. (I can only practice so much in the mirror).

Well thats about it for me. I have a lot to get done and I better get a chuggin on it.

Animazment got me Fired Up!

I had a lot of fun even if it was reall really tiring and I got no sleep. Enjoyed the Krispy Kreme. Now though I have the urge to do a lot of artwork again! So thats what I've been doing when I'm not sleeping or cleaning (the apartment is a huge mess not to mention its the beginning of the month so I have regular cleaning to get done at work).

Thats about it for me right now toodles!
So we got a new register system at work which is all fine and good even though it will take time for me to learn a new way of closing the paperwork and everything. However My manager expects me to be able to do this paperwork now and I've maybe done it once with help.....its crazy I'm not sure what I am supposed to do but I am expected to do it and get it right the first time.....It makes me want to scream really....

On the cosplay line...still working on Guu. I now have all the material just have to sit down and get to work. The Ururu skirt last year only took a couple of hours and the skirt design is the same so I'm not too worried about getting it done. Just have to cut the wig to the right length and that might be the difficult thing. Chris won't cut it on my head so I have to figure out where it would hang to get the right length.

My "other" project is almost done as well. I also need to keep working on Miiko for Ashleigh I have the basic design down I just want to practice making smaller ones before I make the bigger one for her.

Art wise, still working on projects...guys are hard to draw which is kinda funny since girls are the more common thing to see (but maybe thats why)

Rocking Two Days Off

Thats right just managed to get two days off during the week. I know its not the weekend like normal but I am soooooooo happy to be out of that place. I've only worked three days since my last day off but it felt like twenty thanks to the partying that occurs before reading day. I know that some people are just stupid but why does it seem like I get stuck with more of them around this time of year? Does someone want me to kill someone?

Well with my time off I am doing all the things I WANT to do not the things that really need to be done (well okay so I'm still doing those things but they are background). It feels great to just goof off and do what I want....*sigh*

Some Time to Use the Motivation Please

Why does it always seem like I am unmotivated when I have the time to work on my art and then I have motivation when there is no time? Its sooo werid. I have finally felt like working on art again but its been so busy at work that its hard to find time to try to get it done or at least worked on. Work is alright as of late.... I have been trying to just do my stuff and not worry about the other girl, she won't do the work anyway so I shouldn't expect anything out of her. Its still hard though.

Home has been okay....I've had to get up early a lot so Chris and I haven't been spending a whole lot of time awake together. Its sad but maybe this weekend we can spend sometime together. Of course he works Saturday so I'll have sometime to myself then.

And while I am off I can work on my spring cleaning....we are finally cleaning cleaning up and out the dvd room. We moved in almost three years ago and just now we are working on cleaning everything up...tee hee

After All That Nice Weather It Just Had To

Snow that is. Yep thats right for the past week its been great to live in Boone. The weather hasn't been too terrible a little chilly sometimes but not enough for a heavy winter coat just a light jacket. Today however, after this massive rain storm that lasted all night last night, it snowed. Why can't winter just leave us alone? Hasn't it done enough this year? Why can't I just have a few chilly days with no winter weather and then start a mild spring? *sigh* I don't know what I'll do if the weather doesn't turn warm and stay warm soon. (murder is on the top of the list though)...

Not too much has been happening otherwise. I am using a vacation day this week so I get an extra day off. Its nice except I tend to have this strange desire to hoard my vacation days and use them all at once. I have managed to catch up on some things though. The living room (other than needs a vacumming) looks great and I managed to pull the easter stuff down too. I am in the process of completing laundry and I also cleaned out my closet (yes thats right cleaned out my closet..,.some of the dustbunnies had even died in there).

Watched Inglorious Basterds yesterday...made me really really want to read Hetalia (don't really know why cause other than the WW 2 thing they have nothing in common). It was really funny though. There were a few parts where I had to turn away (so I don't spoil anything...its towards the very end and concerns the making of the "masterpiece").

On the cosplay front, I haven't really worked on anything lately and I probably won't start to work on anything until after my birthday which means a rush but I think since it will only be my costumes (Chris has been let down by costumes...I'll explain in a moment). It makes me sad but I guess I understand where Chris is coming from. He hates dressing in a costume for a character that he really loves only to be recognized by no one at con. Really as of late (and I mean no offense I am a narutard and a bleach fan too) you don't get any recognition unless you dress as someone from Bleach or Naruto. It makes me sad cause (again not dissing Naruto or Bleach) there are soo many more wonderful animes out there to watch and so many costumes waiting to be made. Its sad that none of those are getting the limelight at all.

Oh well I digress, anyway I WANT IT TO STOP SNOWING DARNIT!!!

So Another Week Has Come and Gone

I don't know why I guess its because everyone is back in town or maybe I have spring fever but this week has kinda sucked. I haven't really been worrying about work too much, (other than getting mad last night because first shift couldn't take out their trash which was only two boxes). I have been really sleepy too. I think that due to the brightness outside and the nicer weather I am having trouble sleeping. *SIGH*

I need to get to work on cleaning the apartment. I hope to get a jumpstart after recharging my batteries Saturday. I think my personal batteries have a memory charge by now and I'll just have to sleep for an entire day to drain them and recharge them as good as new.

Life is on the Up and Up (I Hope)

Thats rigt life seems to be going a lot better now. I am seriously working on trying to have a more positive attitude towards life and everything in general. Its hard though. It helps to have a great hubby though. Zatch-kun always stands by my side no matter what (even though I'm sure I can be annoying sometimes).

I'm really trying not to worry about the car anymore. I've found that other than his car is not 4wd, Zatch and I can manage to both get to work with one car (and little difficulty). There is also a warranty on the car now (Honda lied to us and told us that there was a warranty when we bought the car but there actually was not). It pays for everythign except regular wear and tear so its better than the warranties that I am used to having (normally only the powertrain is covered).

I'm also working on not being so bothered by people not doing things at work. Who cares if they don't do their job? However I am not NOT going to do their job just cause they don't want to do it. It was funny all week the girl that works before me has been saying that she is fully stocking the soda coolers so I ahve been cheating and only stocking what I sell (which if she is telling the truth, is more than enough to cover the stocking for my shift) however she complained two days ago that it took her two buggies to get everything stocked (which a buggy is pretty big and one is normally a lot of drinks). I snickered because its spring break so if she had been stocking properly in the first place it wouldn't have been so bad (sales are really really low since the students are all gone...do they have to come back?). Its definetly made things better on me. In fact I had to snicker a little bit when the dm told us that the store looked great and I haven't even been working as hard as normal because of the stress that is in other areas of my life. Which it just goes to prove that if people don't do the work, they can't tell that you haven't done the work.

I want to thank everyone here who has given me support lately in this stressful time of my life. I can't promise that I will not stress so much again however I can promise that I will try so please continue to stand by me and watch over me guys. Please?

Oh yeah I am offically teaching Japanese now. I can only teach the lower levels of the language but I have two students so far and both are doing great! Granted I am still studying myself (there are other levels of the exam to pass). Its been really fun though to introduce them to the language and watch them fall in love with it like I did.

Well thats it for me...I must go and work on cleaning this apartment (which probably means I will read a book or play FFXIII instead of actually doing the cleaning that needs to be done).

Already Trouble After One Month

I've barely owned my new car a month (just made the first payment in fact) and its already in the shop? Whats wrong with it? You tell me. The check engine light and the airbag lights came on so I have to see what it is before they can fix it. I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I hope that I'll be able to trust the car after this to use. All I wanted was a dependable car that doesn't drink too much gas and can drive through snow. This is the first major thing that I have EVER had to deal with in a car this new. (Its a 2007).

It has however helped me with the stress at work. I know I should just honestly tear a few of my coworkers a new one over some of the things that have happened or are happening. However while I will tell things straight I dislike the fact that the main problem will retailiate about the whole thing. But I have decided that I will do the work that is my responsiblity and I MIGHT do more IF I FEEL LIKE IT. I'm not just gonna sit there and do their work for them because they think they can get away with it. I will do the work that I am supposed to do so that if the manager comes back to tear into me for something I can state that I did my part and that "someone" else was responsible for that.

I don't want them to kill the "killer" whale. I seriously feel that wild animals even trained ones are like playing russian roulette eventually you'll come across a loaded chamber. The trainer knew the dangers and she knew that the whale could kill her. I'd say it was Sea World's fault since the whale supposedly killed two people before this but they said "hey its ok it won't happen again as long as no one goes into the water with it". I totally believe that Sea World should take the fault though wild animals attack its what they do. Thats just my opinion though.

Well thats about it for me I want to play some games and all before Chris gets home from work.